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Common Conditions

Some people with cataract may not even know it. Their cataract may be immature, or the changes in their vision may not bother them. Whilst in others, the cataract impairs their vision and disrupts their daily activities.

Here are some signs of a cataract:

• Cloudy or foggy vision.
• Changes in the way one sees colours.
• Problems with driving at night because headlights seem too bright.
• Problems with glare from lamps or the sun
• Frequent change in spectacle prescription
• Double vision
• Poor night vision

How Will The Doctor Know You Have Cataract?


During your visit to our eye specialists, we will check your vision and spectacle power. We will use special eye drops to dilate your eyes temporarily. The eye specialist will then look at your dilated eye to assess the presence of a cataract as well as conduct a general eye screen for any other eye disease that may be causing your visual symptoms.